Thursday, December 20, 2007

On Hunger and Obesity

Does anyone else besides me find fighting both hunger and obesity among the “most underprivileged” contradictory? Someone even said that obesity is the “new face of hunger”. Interestingly enough this presents three creative ways to raise taxes on the “slim and wealthy” (and everyone else who pays taxes).

First raise taxes to provide money for the hungry to buy food. Then tax high calorie foods so that they can’t afford it. And then institute a federal program to educate the hungry which food to buy using the money government gives them. Yes, such program exists and according to website it “grew from $660,000 in 1992 to over $147 million in 2002”, and some $313 million in 2008.

But here is a novel idea: how about we solve problems by reducing federal spending instead of increasing it? For example start reducing food stamps for those who become obese using them? Who knows, maybe this will help reduce the budget deficit as well.


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