Sunday, December 16, 2007

Co-Programming Experience

Recently my girlfriend, a Hillary supporter and a recruiter in computer technology, got fed up working on commissions and decided to look for a job with a nice base salary. Being a software engineer, I suggested her to look around in that area. Obviously she figured she would need at least some programming experience to find a job in software engineering. “Yes, but you have two years of co-programming experience with me”, I said (that’s how long we have been dating). I told her she could put a note on her resume “if you don’t think it matters ask Hillary Clinton”, she runs for office on the same premise LOL. Talk about being the “co-President” for eight years. “Well, if you don’t think you can use it to find a programming job how can the same quality Hillary to be the President of the United States” I said. Although my girlfriend remained unconvinced we decided that if she will find a programming job I’ll let the same argument for Hillary stand for what it’s worth. Just that argument of course.


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