Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We are onto something…

When I read the title “Syndrome Can Keep People Asleep for Weeks”, I first imagined a terrible illness that puts people into a comatose-like state. But reading further I discovered that the sleep state is not continuous, “sufferers” of this “rare but debilitating disorder” – mostly teenagers or people in their early twenties do get up to use the bathroom or eat “often enormous amounts of food”. But when you try to wake them up for anything else they get very “irritable”. Now it definitely rings a bell, doesn’t this syndrome already have a name? Something like… laziness.

But apparently, (and obviously) “Kleine-Levin Syndrome” sounds much more scientific. This way you can even claim disability rights, or at least try to. Now researches only have to link it to the effects of Global Warming and Ozone Layer Depletion luckily these two have already been linked, and they have a thesis on their hands.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the magnificent world of scientific fraud.


Anonymous Anna said...

I agree 100%. This country is becoming too politicaly correct and doesn't want to name things what they are really are. You know, I have a cure for this syndrome already - 1 week spent in third world contry will cure it right away.

4:32 PM  
Blogger RobC said...

A sign of fraud being perpetrated is always the vociverous protests one gets when you question the experts and at present the "Global Warming" experts froth at the mouth when you try and point out any discreppancies... The one I find most intresting is the fact that it is not just our planet that has got hotter but Mars as well, I do not think that is due to 2 little solar powered robots...

4:47 AM  

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