Thursday, July 05, 2007

Totally cured

"Sicko" by Michael Moore
A couple of friends of mine suggested I should see Michael Moore’s latest documentary “Sicko”. As far as know the movie focuses on benefits of a healthcare system in a socialistic country such as Cuba and contrasts in again the one we have here in United States.

Having grown up in a socialistic county, Soviet Union, I have had first hand experience of such a healthcare system. And I have to say, Mr. Moore definitely has a point, Soviet Union (as I’m sure Cuba as well) had a quite remarkable healthcare system, free and available to all. We even used to joke that we live in the only country in the world were you can learn for free, get medical care for fee and… work for free too.

Nevertheless there was one particular disease that Soviet system treated the best, and it’s the belief in Socialism. I guess thanks to that, and unlike Mr. Moore, I and most of my former countryman are totally cured of it by now.