Thursday, September 21, 2006

…in exchange for peace

If the title did catch your attention, you must have recognized in it second part of the “land in exchange for peace” principle of the infamous Middle East Peace Process. The one that brought about establishment of permanent terrorist bases inside Israel (often referred to as “Palestinian Authority”) and, more recently, ethnic cleansing of Gaza Strip (a.k.a. “disengagement” or “unilateral withdrawal”). But, in order to examine the issue in a more abstract way, we can skip the first part since it does not matter what you give up: land, property or freedom…

Because to call things what they are, giving up anything in exchange for peace is a capitulation – surrender under enemy threat. “Give it up or we’ll attack (or keep attacking) you”. Similar but slightly different and, perhaps less misleading, approach is often used by street muggers who offer “valet in exchange for life” deals to their victims. And yet no one tries to call that a “diplomatic” process (yet).

But already second (or is it third) White House administration, not even mentioning the media, keeps repeating this broad-day-rubbery-on-international-level formula, hoping that it will bring U.S. (not even talking about Middle East) anything but more terror, death, and destruction. Bill Clinton seemed so preoccupied with the Peace Process that he withdrew any retaliation for bombing of U.S.S. Cole thus emboldening terrorists for 9/11.

Now look, what does Al Qaeda want from us but to convert us to Islam? “Religious freedom in exchange for peace” anyone?


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